It’s almost time!

Almost a year ago I booked to go to Truk Lagoon, the journey starts imminently with travel up to Heathrow.

It will be the first time for me and I am very much looking forward to the experience.

Ever since I first started diving and became aware of what could be found beneath the sea, my interest in maritime history quickly made me realise Truk was a significant and important destination.

Historic Nat Geo cover above from 1976 and Cousteau’s documentary “Lagoon of Lost Ships” illustrate the enduring importance of Truk. From 1969 Cousteau’s film is the seminal wreck diving story which I’m sure has sparked many divers interest in wrecks. The documentary is available on You Tube on the following link.

As usual weight of baggage is the major concern I’m allowed 2 x 23kg bags plus some carry on, the rebreather complete in a case is spot on 23kg leaving me the same again for everything else. This would be fine were it not for all the camera gear. The big coat will have to be deployed making a mockery of airline rules but then needs must….

Watch this space for trip reports and hopefully some wreck photography.

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